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    The biggest problem with Mr. Obama is he doesn't know anything about insurance.I studied insurance.If every one is forced to have insurance the premiums would be much lower.Insurance is based on volume.Now, as far as state programs.There are already charity care programs for low income people for hospitaliztion.John F Kennedy put this program in place in the 1960's.It doesn't cover medicine from a pharmacy, but does include hospitalization.I just wish Mr. Obama would hire someone that knows something about insurance.He names this after himself and doesn,t know anything about insurance!
    That is totally incorrect. I remember the days before people were forced to own auto insurance. You could easily have gotten full coverage on a car for $50 a month. After states forced liability coverage on drivers, it is difficult to get just liability (which was a small percentage of full coverage) for $50.

    Let's suppose an analogy: Let's say a law was passed that everyone had to eat at McDonald's. By your reasoning, a Big Mac would decrease in price. I'll bet it would not. If people are forced to buy something, there is no incentive for prices to be lowered.

    Furthermore, I see this "healthcare" system as a tax on lower income people to subsidize the middle class. If you look at the policies that lower income individuals can afford, they have deductibles of over $6000. Mine is $6300. This means I'll be paying each month for something I will never, can never use. This may come as a surprise to you rich folk, but most people don't have an extra $6000 in the cookie jar to pay for their medical costs. This is why we're here in the first place. Suddenly passing a law that forces people to pay something for nothing is not going to fix that.