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Bariatric Surgery Coverage in Florida

I live in Florida, and need bariatric surgery, but cannot find an individual insurance plan that covers the surgery.  Does anyone know of a healthcare plan that an individual can get here in Florida that will cover bariatric surgery?


  • Posts: 57
    Insurance is designed to be purchased without respect to immediate need; you should have already purchased an ACA plan at the beginning of the year.  (I will presume that you have at least 100% or poverty level income and are not caught in the family coverage glitch.)  If you are morbidly obese, the surgery should be covered as it would be a medically necessary procedure.  There was a man in South Carolina who didn't get health coverage and had a medical issue; he resorted to cyberbegging at GoFundMe.

    Presuming that my presumption is true, it's irresponsible folks like you that make it so that we need to have the one part of the ACA that most people hate - the individual mandate.
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    When it comes to particular health issues you are really going to have trouble going through and finding out what is covered with each plan.  There are hundreds of pages on this stuff around every corner and it is nightmare to deal with if you are going that route.  I would say do your research, but you might have to look really hard to find information like that, sorry to report.
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